Soft look: Going Out!

Hello beauties!

I am a sucker for nude lips and big lashes when it comes to going out and diving in to the nightlife!
Finding the right nude tone for you lips can be quite a struggle though. Once you found a holy grail nude, don’t ever let go!
Try ALL OF THEM, be a lisptick-slut and smear each and every single one (when desinfected) in the shop on to your lips and don’t be shy to make the shop assistent prepare the next 15 to try out.
My personal favourites?

1. Tom Ford – Spanish Pink (a soft, light-pink nude)
2. MAC – Peachstock (more of a skin-toned lipstick, with peach undertones)
3. MAC – Japanese Maple (very soft, shiny nude; let’s your lip colour shine through)

But more on that topic a different time.

Once you’ve picked your one and only favourite nude, let’s get started and create a
soft look for going out!


Details on the look if you don’t have a lot of time or nerves to read right now:


  •  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  •  Estée Lauder Double Ware Foundation 1N2 Ecru + Zoeva 102 Silk Finish Brush
  •  MAC Pro Longwear Cocealer NC15
  •  Laura Mercier Matte Radciance Baked Powder Highlight 01
  •  MAC Mineralize Warm Soul Blush
  •  MAC Harmony Blush
  • Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Eyebrows + Eyes:

  • B.Groomed Eyebrow Designer (UK Superdrug)
  • Essende Brow Powder Duo Blonde
  • Essence Clear Brow Gel
  • Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer
  • Urban Decay Naked2 (Foxy, Tease) + flat eyeshadow brush; Zoeva 228 Crease Brush
  • Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner 01 Black Ink + Zoeva 317 Wing Liner
  • Ardell Natural Lashes 110


  • L’Oreal Indefectible Concealer Stick (lightest colour)
  • MAC Peachstock Lipstick
  • MAC Japanese Maple Lipstick


Details on the look if you DO have some time to read right now:

After exfoliating and slapping cream on to my skin, I used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and let it sink in for a few minutes while getting my beauty blender moist under the tab.
I prepared my lips with the LUSH lip scrub and a thick layer of LUSH Lip Service lip balm, letting it sit on my lips throughout the whole process.

I applied the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the colour 1N2 (Ecru) using my 102 Zoeva Silk Finish brush in soft, circular movements, making sure to blend it well e-ve-ry-where.
Where necessary (in my case chin, on and around the nose) I applied a very thin second layer of the foundation.
(CAUTION: With very thin I actually mean VERY thin! Double Wear has a great coverage!)

Time for my holy grail concealer to get to do its thing!
With my fingers I applied the MAC Pro Longwear concealer in NC15 under my eyes, in to the corner of the eyes and downwards in a triangular shape.

Using the Zoeva 106 powder brush I lightly pressed the Hello Flawless Powder by benefit in the colour “Ivory” on to my concealer and everywhere where needed, on to the chin, around the nose, right on the hair line – never over the lips! It accentuates the fine hairs we all have!

Eyebrow time! I wanted a softer look today, so I kept my eyebrows soft, too. (sorry for a little messiness actually, I failed to tidy them up beforehand)
I brushed a light eyebrow powder right in to t hair of my brows. With my B.Groomed Eyebrow Pencil in the lightest colour (found in the UK in superdrug) I followed the line of my eyebrows, focussing more on the tail than the beginning of my brows, avoiding hard lines. To finish off, I brushed the hair, again following the natural direction of the hair,
with a clear brow gel.

On to my eyeees! I primed them with my Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer and let it dry for a few seconds. With a flat, basic and quite large eyeshadow brush by I pressed the colour Foxy of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on to my whole eyelid.
Then, using my Zoeva 228 crease brush, I darkened the crease with the colour Tease from the same palette, focussing on the outer area of my eye.
Try to hold your crease brush in a certain angle so that you blend the product upwards and not downwards.

To finish the eye look, I made a fine line, winged slightly outwards, with my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in the colour Black Ink with the Zoeva 317 wing liner, making sure to
push the product right in to my lash line.
Mascara (a little) on top and (lots) on the bottom, using Catrice Glamour Doll Waterproof Mascara. Try not to push the mascara on to the lash line of the bottom lashes!
I cut my false lashes from Ardell (110)  in the middle to make the application easier, applied DUO lash glue and then waited about 30 seconds before carefully sticking them directly over my natural lash line.

I took off the excess lip balm with a wipe and slightly muted my natural lip colour out with a concealer and very softly dabbed excess powder of my powder brush on to the lips.
Without the use of a lipliner or lip brush I applied MAC Peachstock twice, topping it off with a dab of MAC Japanese Maple Lipstick.

With my Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush I highlighted my cheekbones, the middle of me forehead, just over the arch of my eyebrows and the back of my nose using Laura Merciers Baked Powder.
Contouring happened with the Zoeva 110 Face Shape brush, on the jawline and down the sides of my nose, using MAC harmony blush.
Finally I applied MAC Mineralize Warm Soul with my Bobbi Brown blush brush on to my cheeks, connecting contour and highlight.

Urban Decay Setting Spray to save the night!

Go out and spread some love with your beautiful face,
Poppy xxx

End-of-Summer Glow!


So I heard summer is ending.
Don’t remember anybody asking me if I would be fine with that,
but I guess i’ll have to go with the flow – and with the glow.

There is just one way to get the warmth back in to our lives! Well, two actually.
Number 1: Get your beautiful bum to the airport and fly away!
If you happen to live in one of the countries I spend my holidays in: Don’t go. Don’t ever leave. I am beyond jealous.
Germany is not exactly well-known for beachparties and tanned legs.
More like beer and Oktoberfest and maybe some potatoes. Maybe Heidi Klums legs actually.
BUT, ladies and extravagant gentlemen, there is a solution.
Whatever the question is, it will actually ALWAYS be my answer.

Today a few rays of sunshine grabbed me and sent me flying and there was no way any blue, silver or other cool shades would have made it on to my face.

End of summer. What colours I see when I think of it?
Gold, orange, warm brown, strawberry-red and cranberry-ish purple-ish.
Take that, eyelid!

Preparation / foundation
Let’s get serious! I started of as usual, – my face obviously moisturized – applying a small amount of my Clinique “Superprimer” with my hands!
Following that, I let a couple of drops of my new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in the shade “Vanilla” get comfortable on top my slightly moist and desinfected beauty blender (Hands down best purchase everrr! Get yourself a beauty blender asap!) -
I will definitely share my thoughts on the foundation with you and compare it to others as soon as I have worn it a few more times!
So I just let the whole thing chill for a couple of minutes, added another drop of my foundation on to the blender and repeated the process, focussing on areas that needed a little more coverage.
So yeah. Primed, foundationed (yes, I made that up) and ready to get in there!
A few dots of my L’oreal True Match Concealer in their lightest shade on to chin and forehead and blend blend blend!
Not under my eyes yet! Why?
It’s simple. Applying eyeshadow is a tricky thing. There is always potential fallout that will ruin your freshly applied concealer and then you will cry and it will ruin the rest.

Next step: Eyebrows!
Trust your eyebrow. Follow it’s shape! For that I use my Artdeco Eyebrow Pencil Nr. 6, a perfect ashy tone for blondies like me. I follow the lower line of my eyebrows, then the top line. Pluck everything that randomly grows around confused and homeless (actually, do that the night before, now that I’m saying it…)
I filled in the tail of my eyebrow completely, wanting the “front” part of my brows to stay natural. With a flat, hard eyeshadow-brush I then filled in my whole brow with eyebrow powder from the lightest essence “Eyebrow Stylist Set” in the, using the lighter shade of the two, taking care about softening the hard lines of the pencil.

Aha! Eye-time!
After letting my much-loved “Stay Don’t Stray” eye-primer dry, I started of by applying “Half Baked” from the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 on to my eyelid with a random brush. With a new, smaller brush I then focussed on the outer part of my eyelid (apparently called the lateral angle of the eye… Google told me), blending
the purple-based colour of the Manhattan Magic Duo Set “Brown Temptation” slightly in to the golden colour and up in to the crease.
Time for my NARS black eyeliner to make an entrance! I slightly winged it out and again focussed on the lateral angle of the eye, not taking the eyeliner all the way. With the help of my good friend “Blackout”  from the Naked2 palette I basically deepend the eyeliner even more and blended it in a little bit.
Yay, time for that undereye concealer!
Again using my L’Oreal True Match Concealer in “Vanilla”. The way I apply it looks kind of ridiculous at first, but it’s all about the blending! Hello beauty blender!

Kind of what the concealer looks like on my face before the blending!

Kind of what the concealer looks like on my face before the blending!

It’s important to powder the area where you apply the concealer so it sits a lot better!
To finish the eye-look off, I took the purple colour again and blended it under my eye like eyeliner. Don’t be shy, make it bold!
Curl ‘dem lashes, gurl!
Mascara! Whoo! Today I used my waterproof Glamour Doll Mascara from Catrice.


Contourlove, lips and finishing of the glow
Because my skin is quite fair I don’t like to take brown-ish shades to contour. Kind of looks like dirt. Just looks…. wrong. Most of the time anyway.
Hands down best contouring product (SO FAR) for lighter skin tones: NYX blusher in “Taupe”
And I apply it like THIS:


Yeah, high professional drawing!

To give my face a summer-glow I used one of my favourite blushers, “Coralista” from benefit!
If the sun were a woman, she would have “Coralista” in her collection!
I blended it upwards, starting from the contouring-line, until I was happy with it.
For the highlighting I always use the highlighter in the Sleek contour palette for fair skin!
Over the blusher, on to the cheek bones, blend that stuff.
With the help of my KIKO “Lip Base” I primed my lips before letting the beautiful MAC Mineralize lipstick in “Wear With Flare” do its thing! Artdeco’s “Magic Fix” over it (tastes like alcohol and burns like hell. One is plus) to fix it and make it (kind of) kiss-proof!
I then highlightet the area over my lips (god knows what the name for it is in English) and last but not least the tear duct area.

Last steps
Filled in my beauty mark with a random brown eyeliner, sprayed some Urban Decay “All Nighter” Setting Spray all over my face and stuck on some Accent lashes from Ardell! Vóila!

And now I am home alone with a damn load of makeup on my face and nothing to do. Oh well.


Top 30 basic tips!

  1. Do not experiment when you are in a bad mood or have a big event coming up
    I know that temptation, guys. “I’ll feel better if I nail that look today!” or “It looks difficult, but it would match my dress perfectly!” Do. Not. Do. It.
  1. Find the one makeup-look that you rock every single time
    Now that is kind of an addition to tip number 1. It might take you some time to find out what it is but it will save your beauty-life on a bad day! A simple everyday-look you can do sleeping, one that can’t go wrong. Experiment and find out!
  1. If you want to change the colour of your hair, save up and go to a badass hairdresser
    I’m actually serious about this, even though I am currently breaking that rule myself, mixing “Apricot” and “Pastel Pink”, planning on playing god again with my blonde head.
    But especially if you want to change your colour drastically, listen up, do not do it yourself. And do not let some amateur minion do it. Ask around, google that shit and let them do it for you.
  1. Get a high-quality eye shadow-palette with nude shades
    If you want to go for gold, get one of the three Naked Palettes from Urban Decay! All the raving about it has a reason or two! If you don’t want to go crazy moneywise or just want to start slowly, check out KIKO cosmetics! I recently made my own little palette using their click-system, with four matte nude shades and I am quite in love!
  1. Breathe, don’t look too close
    While you are creating a look on your face there will be stages where you look absolutely awful and like shit. This tip is more important than you would think. If you look at your face and start criticizing halfway through your work you will become very very demotivated…
  1. Try on false lashes
    Especially if you are planning on going for a more dramatic look! And I am not trying to tell you to wear them every day or that a face looks ugly without them, no no no! But get a pair of good ones and just check out the difference. Check your options.
  1. Get “half” lashes
    You know. The ones that only cover the end part of your eye and give you that sexy motherlover cat-eye! If I wear falsies I basically only use those. Because, umm, I get a headache from the bigger ones. Yeah, weird.
    Check out the “Accent”-Lashes from Ardell!
  1. Get these hairbands that look like phone cables
    And fall in love with how they are so much nicer to your hair than normal ones!
  1. Wear these phone cables at night
    I kind of make a half-bun on my head and let the ends of my hair lie on my forehead (anybody know what the hell I’m sayin’…?)
    I feel like I get through them a lot better the morning after and my ends don’t rub on the cushion the whole night!
  2. Get a Tangle Teezer hairbrush
    I never ever leave the house without it. Deep love, forever.
  3. Treat yourself
    If you see that one lipstick or that one eyeliner that could change your life but it is too expensive – get it. And take care of it as if it’s your own flesh and blood and you carried it inside of your tummy for 9 months. You have my personal permission to splash out.
  4. Take care of your eyebrows
    They change your face! Never ever forget that! Give them some love! Google it! Youtube it! Do something!
  5. Use a beauty blender
    Especially if you have dry, flakey skin! Pat the foundation on to your skin with a damp beauty blender after letting your daily moisturizer sink in. My hands down favourite ever technique!
  6. Try to use silicone free products on your hair
    Yep, you’ve heard this a million times already. But I do follow this rule (most of the time) and it helped me and my hair a lot!
    Note: The shampoo I use does contain silicones but they are water-soluble! Most shampoos you will find in a store for hairdressers contain these kind silicones that won’t harm your hair in any way.
  7. Give your skin the chance to breathe.
    Makeup-free days are sad days. But your skin will love you for it.
  8. Don’t wash your hair every day
    Try it! Not only will you save shampoo and conditioner, you will also give your hair the chance to stay healthy and loving! Your scalp will react to your routine – If you wash it every day you will also HAVE TO wash it every day. Try to wash them less and they won’t get greasy so quickly anymore after some time… Also: dry shampoo saves lives!
  9. If you have dry skin, do not powder over the flakey areas
    Just chill with the foundation. And some fixing-spray.
  10. You can!
    Who ever said that you can’t pull of colourful eye shadow!?
  11.  If you know you will wash your hair in the morning, sleep with coconut oil
    I mean, in your hair. Sleep with coconut oil in your hair.
  12. Fall in love with your beauty marks
    …and work with them! Enhance them! Try out using brown colour though before you try it out with black, it will look more natural. Except you are going for that burlesque-ish look! Then try black. Or use pink, or blue or green. Just use whatever you love, actually…
  13. Don’t be me
    Tidy it up at least once a week. Reorganize every two months. Don’t do what I do, don’t make the living room table look like a make-up table. It’s not cool.
  14.  Try out red
    Yes, there will be a very bright red shade that will look awesome on you. It’s that one lipstick you should really spend too much money on and cry a little when you see the bill. Let the people it the shop help you choose. But choose the one YOU think rocks your boat.
  15.  Find out where to actually place highlighter
    Long story put short: The “highest” features of your face should be splattered with highlighter. Tutorial coming up.
  16.  Never go over your face with a powder-brush in a wiping motion
    Pat. Pat. Always pat. Forever pat.
  17.  Take the second darkest shade of your eye shadow-look and use it under the eye.
    Like eyeliner. That simple. Looks awesome and not so hard as a strong eyeliner-line under the eye.
  18.  Use a Clarisonic to clean your face!
    …and then tell me all about it, because I haven’t actually used it yet, ever, but I want to know all about it, sooo…
  19. Don’t blow dry your hair.
    Don’t make your hair cry.
  20. If you want to make your lashes look fuller, put little eyeliner-dots between the single lashes.
    Make-Up is all about illusion!
  21.  Get Instagram!
    If you love your privacy, I don’t mean you should get it for actually posting anything. But Instagram is an amazing platform to find inspiration!
  22. Never try finding the right foundation-shade swatching it on to the inside of your arm.
    Why would you want your face to look lighter than the rest of your body? Think about it!
    Also it makes more sense to check the colour on something like your shoulder than your neck or face if the colour of your body is significantly darker than your face (e.g. thanks to self-tanners)